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5885-160F - 16" x 6" Under Lug Design Simulator Set 8 Lugs, 4 Hand Holes - Ford 1992-1998

$ 182.00

16" x 6" Under Lug Design Simulator Set 8 Lugs, 4 Hand Holes Ford 1992-1998

Fits the following dual rear wheel vehicles:

1992 – 1998 F350, Rim#29577

16" x 6" with 4 Hand Holes/Air Holes and 8 Lug Nuts

One set includes:
2 Front Liners/Dishes
2 Rear Liners/Dishes
2 Front Hub Covers
2 Rear Hub Covers
32 Lug Nut Covers

These are 304-Grade Stainless Steel. You just need soap and water to clean them up!

Application applies to original equipment manufacturer’s standard production wheels only.
1. Place jack under appropriate wheel axle and raise the weight off your tires.
2. Remove every other lug nut from the wheels.
3. Install the wheel liners and hub covers.
4. Reinstall the lug nuts that were removed. Torque only to manufacturer’s specifications.
5. Install the lug nut covers over the lug nuts using a rubber mallet to avoid damage.
Installation is complete!

Picture shows 1/2 set, 1 front & 1 rear plus hardware. Each box contains complete set for 4 wheels.