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41-C154 - WeeGo Crankenstein

$ 699.00

Crankenstein is the revolutionary, compact, reliable, safe, and smart tool for any tow or hauling vehicle. Replace 40+ lb. lead-acid jump packs with a 9 lb. jump-starting monster. Ruggedly built to jump gas and diesel engines with 12V or 24V systems. Longer lasting than lead-acid jump boxes with a holding charge for 1 year plus 2000 charge cycles from ultra-stable, safe and reliable lithium-iron phosphate batteries. Reinforced, weather-resistant casing, built-in voltmeter, Connection Detection technology, Hotfoot® technology, quick-charge USB ports, 12V CLA port, adjustable work light included. Fully recharges in just 6 hours in the truck. 1-year warranty, designed & engineered in the USA, lab tested and IP65 rated.

  • JUMP: 1200A cranking (12V) and 600A cranking (12V) or 5000A peak; OLED screen walks the user through the jump; patent pending Connection Detection technology determines connection quality. Hotfoot technology automatically heats internal batteries to jump start in extreme cold.
  • CHARGES: Fast-charges phones, tablets, and other portable devices with 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port.
  • POWERS: 12V tools and accessories through built-in CLA port.
  • LIGHTS: 1000 lumen LED flashlight with adjustable focus and brightness levels, including strobe and SOS functions. Up to 30 hours runtime.