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L12-0047 - Stainless Steel Valve Stem Set of 2 Hoses in Kit for 16"-19.5" Inner Dual Wheel

$ 35.00

Stainless Steel Valve Stem Set 2 Hose Kit for 16"-19.5" Inner Dual Wheels Hand Hole Mount for Steel Wheels

Safe travel begins with safe tires, which means regularly checking tire pressure. Properly inflated tires improve gas mileage, increase safety, increase tire life, and improve vehicle handling.

Easy to install, no special tools required. The hoses attach to your existing valve stem (no need to remove valve core) allowing proper inflation and pressure checks in seconds. Each kit comes complete with everything you need for the specific wheel application. These heavy-duty inflators are constructed of high quality two ply rubber tubing reinforced with a tough nylon braiding. For added protection a stainless braided hose wrap is added to withstand the elements and road hazards.