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T3-PRO30 - 30ft Jump Cables w/ 5ft Truck Harness

$ 325.00
• Extra Long 30’ Cables with 5’ Truck Harness
• Made with Tangle-Free Vutron Cable
• Fits Top and Side Post Batteries
• Protective Coated Steel Clamps.
• Ergonomically Designed Handles.
• All Terminals are Shrink Wrapped.
• Heavy 4 Gauge Conductors Made with 100% Copper Wire
• Designed for Heavy-Duty Demands
• Replacement Parts Also Available
• 500 AMP Capacity
• All Mounting Hardware and Instructions are Included.
• Built in Polarity Indicator. When Green Indicator Light is Lit the Cables are Properly Connected. If Indicator is Not Lit, Check for Proper Connection.