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TT-KIT2 - TomTom Link530 & IO Cables & PRO7350 Navigation Unit

$ 810.00

Includes all the feature of the LINK530/IO Package, adding TomTom’s PRO7350 Navigation unit gives your drivers a tool to be more effective. Sending jobs to the drivers directly from WEBFLEET reduces man-hours and enables the drivers to efficiently navigate to the jobs location. While driving, the driver is alerted to speeding and driving behavior, thus coaching them in real time to be safe and arrive on time.

  • Best-in-class navigation and traffic
  • Connects with LINK for fleet management
  • Send Route from WEBFLEET to Driver
  • Messaging and orders for workflow efficiency
  • Logs work, mileage, and business/private mileage status
  • OptiDrive 360 driving behavior support
  • Simple and fast updates via Wi-Fi
  • Optional add-on OBD II plug for fuel efficiency management and OptiDrive 360