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VIZ-300 - Vizor Strobe Light w/ NO CONTROLLER

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$ 415.00

The new Power-Link VIZ-300 series of traffic control arrows and advisors are the most effective and advanced on the market. With standard features like strobes with multiple patterns, traffic control arrows and integrated work lights, the new VIZ-300 series of vizor lights offer a solution that is sure to get traffic alerted when needed. Rear facing version also available, PLC-VIZBCK300. Made in USA. Lifetime warranty on electronics and LED’s.

    • Suction Cup install - fast and reliable. Easy to install with just two wires needing to be connected to 12V power and ground from the light and the control box. No longer is it necessary to run a cable from the controller directly to the lightbar.

    • High intensity, 1-Watt LED's provide optimum visibility from a compact and low-profile unit.